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Simplify waste management in your next project

Makao's waste team can now help you create custom waste management plan for your next project or your business. 

Makao offers a detailed waste management plan tailored to your specific needs — whether you are planning a new development or have an existing building.  This report predicts how much waste you might generate, and couples it with a long term, sustainable program to manage it. 

Waste Management Plans Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane

Your search for a waste management  consultant ends here

When it comes to waste management services, you'll find everything you need at Makao. Browse these services or contact us today to talk with an waste strategy expert. 

Identify a clear picture of your building or development. This is based on your activities and availabilities.


Waste Profile

Your waste profile will then tell us what kind of waste streams to expect. 


Waste Streams

Then we'll move to calculating how much waste your waste profile is likely to generate.


Waste Prediction

Get a solid plan with solutions on how to handle and manage the predicted waste volumes.


Waste Management

A tailored waste management plan means less landfill, happier stakeholders, and a greener bottom line. Makao can make that happen with a personalised, comprehensive waste management analysis and strategic plan.

Reduce waste. Increase efficiency.

We'll advise on regulatory and best practice standards in waste store design.

Storage Area Design

Get a guide that you can give to your building occupants showing. Show them what systems and services are available and how they can collect each items from each stream.


What happens to your waste once it is collected? We help create the optimal collection and transfer strategy.

Collection and Transfer

In the long run, the objective is to ensure that zero waste goes to landfill. Together, we'll create a clear pathway towards this goal.

Sustainability Program

FAQs about waste services

  • A Waste Management Plan is a written document that outlines how an organisation or a development will reduce waste, handle day-to-day waste, and dispose of waste. It sets goals and tracks performance.

  • A Waste Management Plan helps manage waste in a strategic,  environmentally friendly way. It improves sustainability, reduces costs from waste hauling/landfills, and shows commitment to the environment. Many municipalities require plans, especially for new developments.

    It also ensures that renters, homeowners, businesses, and organisations have enough bins to collect their waste. And that the bins are not too small in size or quantity. Which can lead to overflowing rubbish bins and associated health risks e.g. bad smells and attracting pests or vermin. 

  • It includes an analysis of current or future waste streams, spatial planning, goals for reduction, plans for improved recycling/composting programs, equipment needs, training, compliance, vendor selection, record keeping, and continuous improvement.

  • Plans can be high-level overviews or very detailed depending on your requirements and operations. We work with you to determine the right level of detail.

  • Plans should be reviewed and updated at least annually. A "living document" is ideal, continuously updated as needs evolve. We can provide ongoing support. If you have a facility manger (or building/property manager) we're happy to work with them too.

  • Yes, we have expertise in developing custom plans for both existing buildings and new construction projects.

    For existing buildings, we perform an onsite waste assessment to understand current waste generation, infrastructure, removal contracts, etc. before designing the waste management plan with you.

    For new developments, we work with project teams during the design phase to integrate proactive waste reduction considerations into plans for waste infrastructure, collection frequency, signage, staff training, etc. well before construction even begins.

    The process and extent of plans may differ.

    But we are able to create strategic waste management plans tailored to optimise space, cost, and long term sustainability in both existing buildings and new construction.

    Contact us  today to discuss your project!

  • We offer complete support, if desired, for implementing the plan's recommendations and providing training. Ongoing help with compliance, reporting and improvements are also available.

  • Costs vary based on the extent of the plan, complexity of operations, and implementation services. We provide customised quotes designed to maximize value.

  • Yes, we develop tailored plans based on your specific needs and type of operations.


    The three main types we offer are:

    • Operational Waste Management Plans: For ongoing waste from new or existing buildings and organisational operations. These focus on regular waste streams and improving sustainability long-term.

    • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Management Plans: Designed around the unique waste generated by construction and demolition projects. Ensures responsible waste management practices for C&D waste.

    • Smart Waste Management (SWM) Research: Makao also provides customized research and data analysis to help organizations, governments, and precincts address waste management questions and challenges. Our experts use scientific methods to design targeted research projects, from data collection to analysis and interpretation, that provide insights and strategies aligned to an organization's specific waste streams, infrastructure, and sustainability goals. The result is an actionable plan to optimize waste management operations.


    Whether you require an operational plan for your regular day-to-day waste and recycling programs, or a construction plan for a specific building project, Makao has expertise in developing strategic WMPs tailored to your needs and waste profile.


    We're equipped to provide waste management plans for all types of buildings, facilities and projects.

  • Swept path analysis examines the space requirements for vehicles like waste trucks to manoeuvre through a site. It models the vehicle's movements to ensure adequate clearance is provided without obstruction. In urban settings like apartment buildings with basements, this is incredibly important to ensure adequate clearance and access for collection. The analysis models the vehicle's movements to prevent obstructions, damage or safety concerns.

    Here are a few more answers for you:

    1. Why is it needed for waste trucks?  Waste trucks are large vehicles that need sufficient space to navigate tight turns and access bin collection points. Swept path analysis ensures roads, accessways and parking areas allow safe and efficient waste collection. Makao can help you show that waste collection vehicles can enter and leave your site in a forward direction.

    2. When is it conducted? For new developments, swept path analysis is done during the design or town planning phase to inform road layouts, intersections, and parking configurations. For existing sites, it can improve safety and access by identifying pinch points.

    3. How can Makao help? We offer complete swept path analysis using industry-standard software. After modelling your site and vehicles, we provide swept path drawings, vehicle turning templates, and recommendations to remedy any issues discovered.

    4. What are the key benefits for swept path studies? Swept path analysis prevents collisions, damage, service disruptions, and access failures. It optimizes waste collection routes and ensures adequate clearance is designed into the development.

    5. Does it consider various vehicle sizes? Yes. We can model paths for the exact waste vehicle sizes and types servicing your site or organization. Different trucks have different requirements.

    6. What information is required from me? We simply need your site plans and layout details. We handle the rest using our specialised modelling software.

    Reach out today if you need a waste management consultant to assist with any of the above.​

Geometric Shapes

Get in touch with us and let's discuss your needs 

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