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Why We're Here

We're a house of engineers and sustainability consultants.


Our interest in the built environment and climate change runs deep. Big enough to provide you with holistic services in a range of disciplines.


Small enough to give you our undivided attention.


Above all, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your sustainability goals—both social and environmental.


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Creating the climate for change.

Australia ESD and building sustainability consultants

What is sustainability, anyway?

Makao subscribes to Herman Daly's principles on sustainability (modified by Donella Meadows). We see sustainability as a by-product rather than an objective.

An ongoing story about achieving more with less

Makao ESD

We aim to be a company that’s human, respectful, transparent, inclusive, socially and environmentally conscious.


Founded in 2018, our core mission is to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals. To make the transition to sustainable practices simple and stress free for forward-thinking teams.


To do this, we build long-term partnerships to utilise all our resources and experience to deliver excellence.


What's in a name?


We often get asked why we’re called Makao. Allow me to explain. Makao means home in Swahili. And the word embodies our roots in building residential homes around Melbourne. 


Since then, we've taken a broader outlook—extending the idea of home to cover the planet we all live in. For us, sustainability is about putting human needs first, being respectful of the environment and the limited resources available to us. It's about creating solutions that work today but are also mindful of future generations.


We want to enhance people’s living experience in the built environment. And build a community around everyone that chooses to work with us. 

Meet The Team

Kelvin Mureithi


Kelvin spearheads Makao’s future direction, culture and growth. He ensures Makao consistently meets client targets, and draws from extensive experience in industrial, public sector, commercial and residential projects. Kelvin has a background in Mechanical Engineering from RMIT University.

Kelvin Mureithi

Roberto Padovani


Roberto is our technical genius.

He brings a wealth of international and domestic experience in high performance building design—from stadiums to homes. With a focus on energy efficiency, indoor comfort and renewable energy. Roberto has a background in Mechanical Engineering from University of Melbourne.

Roberto Padovani
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