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Work From Anywhere

Makao is not a multi-national corporate.

We're not sprawling with thousands of employees. Nor burdened by global overheads.

Instead, we pride ourselves on being a compact team of expert engineers, each deeply skilled in building science and ecological design. Years of honing our craft have prepared us to enthusiastically tackle your next project.

Since our inception over half a decade ago, Makao has vigorously engaged in development applications, enriching them with ESD considerations. We've successfully spearheaded green building certification projects and conducted over 150 CPD training workshops for architects and building designers.

Our impact extends across Australia – from Victoria to New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia. This reach has been achieved in just over five years, a testament to our growing influence.

For our clients:

Makao's fully remote operation is a strategic advantage, enabling us to efficiently manage

projects across multiple locations. Our approach combines technical mastery with the flexibility to meet your needs, wherever you are.


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