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What is a Green Travel Plan?


As cities grow more congested and the impacts of climate change intensify, businesses, developments, and councils across Australia are looking for ways to reduce their transportation-related environmental footprint.

Implementing a tailored Green Travel Plan (GTP) offers a key strategy.

GTPs outline the sustainable commuting options available to employees for getting to and from work while meeting each company’s unique needs. Local councils often require GTPs to accompany development proposals and Sustainability Management Plans (SMPs).

Traffic jams and the need for Green Travel Plans
GTPs create a path to alternative forms of transport

What is the purpose of a Green Travel Plan?

The primary goals driving the adoption of GTPs include:

  • Cutting carbon emissions by promoting cleaner transit

  • Alleviating traffic by reducing private car use

  • Encouraging healthier lifestyles through active mobility

  • Creating more liveable cities by improving walkability

  • Satisfying council criteria for sustainable development proposals

By keeping these core purposes in focus, GTPs can effect meaningful change in how people commute and travel for years to come.

What is included in a Green Travel Plan?

The content of a Green Travel Plan is as diverse as the needs of the community it serves. However, certain key elements are commonly found in effective GTPs:

  1. Sustainable Transport Options: A detailed list of sustainable travel modes - walking, cycling, public transport, car-sharing, electric vehicles, etc.

  2. Infrastructure Analysis: Assessment of existing infrastructure and recommendations for improvements to support sustainable travel.

  3. Travel Policies and Incentives: Strategies and incentives to encourage the use of sustainable transport, such as travel vouchers or reward schemes.

  4. Awareness and Education Programs: Initiatives to educate the community about the benefits of sustainable travel and how to incorporate it into their daily lives.

  5. Monitoring and Feedback Mechanisms: Systems to track the effectiveness of the GTP and gather feedback for continuous improvement.

  6. Innovations in Sustainable Travel: Discussion of the latest developments in green transport, such as electric vehicle technology, carpooling apps, and e-bike schemes.

  7. Implementation Timeline: A clear schedule for the rollout of various components of the GTP.

Need a Green Travel Plan?


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