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Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)


If you're planning a large development in Victoria, sustainability should be a top priority. But how exactly can you ensure your project promotes environmentally sustainable design?

Enter the Sustainability Management Plan.

What is it? A Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) is comprehensive assessment is required for developments with 10+ dwellings or 1000+ sqm of non-residential space.

So what does the SMP entail? And how can it help you meet sustainability goals? This guide has you covered.

First, the SMP demonstrates that your design achieves two key objectives:

  • Integrates impactful green building initiatives

  • Shows a holistic sustainable design review across 10 categories

By identifying targets and outlining how they'll be met, the SMP maps out your sustainability roadmap. For larger projects, it's an opportunity to make a real environmental impact through resource savings.

The 10 categories covered are:

In addition, all ESD features must be annotated on the drawings. The SMP language should definitively convey sustainability commitments.

When is an SMP Required?

An SMP is mandatory for developments exceeding 10 dwellings or 1000 sqm non-residential space. And at town planning phase of the development.

What Information Do You Need?

Along with drawings, an SMP generally requires:

  • BESS report to benchmark your project

  • STORM rating (deals with stormwater quality)

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) details

  • Anticipated minimum energy efficiency rating of major appliances for heating, cooling and hot water (energy labeling) 

  • Anticipated minimum water efficiency of taps and fittings (WELS ratings)

  • Anticipated light fittings

  • On-site renewable energy devices (if applicable)

Of Note:

Residential-only developments will also need a: 

  • NatHERS (e.g. FirstRate) report or anticipated minimum standard 

Non-residential-only developments may also need the following: 

  • Preliminary NCC Section J assessment

  • Daylight assessment 

  • NABERS Commitment Agreement

The specific requirements vary based on project scale and type.

But an SMP generally needs:

  • Details on how the development has achieved minimum expectations for sustainable design performance – can use BESS tool

  • A written sustainability statement

  • Details on proposed sustainability measures

  • Environmental objectives and Council standards

How Can Makao Help with Sustainability Management Plans (SMP)?

While SMPs meet minimums, we can help maximise your sustainability impact. Our team identifies opportunities to exceed targets through thoughtful solutions. Need an SMP for your next development?


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