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Start-up Journey: Makao Turns 2

Makao Group turned 2 last week.

While we didn’t choose for our 2nd anniversary to coincide with a global pandemic, it is a milestone we are proud of. 

Firstly, I’d like to introduce Xing, who joined Makao this year. He's been integral in developing a new service we're launching soon. And I’m thrilled to have him onboard.

From a growth perspective, the last 12 months had small wins here, punctuated with big wins there. A growing base of return clients, new projects and partnerships, and presenting to 120+ architects, across 3 states. We also won our first interstate project. A big win in our books.

Granted, we’re not immune to the recent shocks stemming from COVID19. Like everyone else, we're adapting to this new normal. I never imagined I’d close business deals while barefoot. All while appreciating the privilege to WFH. And that Australia has weathered the pandemic relatively well.

To those of you in countries horribly hit, I can’t even imagine how devastating it must be. If you’ve been directly affected, we see you. And my sympathies are with you. I can relate to the anxiety that comes with all the uncertainty.

Lastly, a big thank you to our clients and business partners.

I look forward to navigating the next 12 months and to new possibilities.


Makao Group-ESD Consultancy-Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane


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