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Makao's Start-up Journey: Makao at 3

Every now and then when you pour your heart into something, it eventually develops its own heartbeat. Makao Group just turned 3 🎂

A small part of me had doubts about reaching this milestone.

However I'm looking forward to swimming away from survival mode and towards the shores of longevity.

Partly by planting seeds now that we'll harvest in 3-4 years into our start-up journey. Helping lay deeper foundations for a small but mighty company. And partly by finding the natural company size. Attract more great clients, passionate team members & partners, and enthusiastic investors (in that order), and dip our toes in the B2C space—are all in my to do list.

Hopefully the Lindy effect is kind to us.

A planet-sized shout out to Xing who's been instrumental in moulding the non-technical side of business. And to ScottGeoffScott, and Glenn for their openness and in sharing their wisdom 🙏🏾

Onwards to more growth and learning.


Makao Group_ESD Consultancy and Sustainable Buildings Engineers


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