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Mission Statement (Makao)

A Peek into Makao's Guiding Principles

We inhabit a physical world that's part of a larger natural system.

This reality imposes imperatives and constraints (structural and impersonal forces) that shape policy and our built environment.

As a company, our goal is to understand the world as it truly is, steering clear of fleeting passions and opinions swirling around in today's news cycle.

A Tale of Two Principles

Makao perceives the world through two distinct lenses:

  • The rigorous application of building science; and

  • Geopolitics, encompassing environmental, physical, economic, and geographic factors influencing the built environment.

We delve into building science and geopolitical trends to understand our current state and predict future directions. Building science focuses on the interactions of sound, heat, moisture, air, and weather with structures, while geopolitics deals with the impersonal forces shaping society and history.

Makao Group Pty Ltd_Sustainability_ESD_Climate Change Adaptation

Zoom in to See the Bigger Picture

We employ a barbell strategy: 'zooming in' with building science and 'zooming out' with geopolitics. This approach helps us distinguish meaningful information from the noise.

Our non-ideological stance demands objectivity, requiring staff to set aside personal beliefs. We prioritise long-term perspectives—guided by tenets of self-sufficiency and resilience.

Our commitment is to the informed public who seek better outcomes. Better outcomes for our homes. Better outcomes for our communities. Better outcomes for our planet. We believe this informed group will drive prudent political change through understanding.

Makao is fundamentally an intellectual pursuit. We're constantly seeking order in the world's apparent chaos.

We are a business engaged in the life of the mind. Dedicated to those who strive for sustainable practices in their ventures, whom we serve with the methods we have developed.

Sustainability is a long-term journey.

And we're here to walk alongside you as you strive to weave sustainable practices into your next venture.


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