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Makao's start-up journey: looking back at 2018

Last week, Makao turned 1 and this is simply a quick update to our friends & community about our progress & plans for the next 12 months.

Let’s start with a few numbers about 2018:

  • days in business: 373 - that's 1 year and 11 days, or 53 weeks and 5 days

  • services offered: 1 – Sustainability consulting services – built environment (earlier this year, we decided to streamline our operations and focus on the consulting business)

  • service variations: 5 – feel free to explore the services we offer

  • customer reviews: 1, overwhelmingly positive

  • SEO: I have the top spot on Google for searches for makao

  • interviews: 2 - podcast interview with Mayase from Art of Otherness and speaking engagement at the Immigration Museum

  • number of full time employees: 1 - it's still mostly just myself, with 3 incredible partners

Overall, I couldn't be happier with Makao’s first 12 months of operations (and that's a huge understatement). Part of this journey is attributable to the kind support from mentors, friends and our clients along the way – something I’m very grateful about.

This little venture is steadily growing.

We’ve worked on various projects such as, residential homes, an office tower in Cremorne, multi-unit developments, a childcare centre, and more recently, a mixed use development in Heidelberg West. And given that we have several return clients (including Kincaid Projects) it is a testament that we’re on the right track. It has been an incredible learning experience and the ultimate thrill-ride!  

Next, let's talk about 2019-2020, because I am SUPER EXCITED about it! 

The roadmap for 2019

My goals for the company are simple: keep existing clients happy. Make new clients and make them happy. Help all our clients achieve their sustainability goals. Increase our service offerings. And produce content (on our blog) that is insightful and valuable to our clients, and the general public. Underlying all this, provide best-in-class client experiences – both in our services and in any interaction with Makao. We’re here to stay lean, stay transparent, stay human, stay green and socially conscious.

Secondly, I’d also like to integrate more social impact into how we do business at Makao. In light of this, I am looking to partner with organisations we want to see succeed and who are in this space – open to suggestions here. For starters, I’m excited at the opportunity to collaborate with Julia & Lisa and the Stand Up team in their iCan Program.

At a more personal level, I anticipate this will be another 12 months of intense learning – both professional and self-development. Some of my stretch goals entail building a small team around our company vision (helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals).

And more importantly, make some (hopefully) non-critical-but-very-formative mistakes.

Lastly, recent experience has taught me that partnering is the best approach to expand the business in a sustainable, cost-effective way. I’ll therefore seek businesses that share our values and passion and build mutually beneficial partnerships with them.

As the world transitions to a more sustainable future, we’re ever more passionate about our core mission – to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals. This remains our focus as we move into Year 2 and beyond.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Help us grow – if you know any architects, urban planners, builders, property developers, or construction project managers within your network, I’d be extremely grateful for in-person or electronic introductions.





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