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Between Stories

We’re in between stories.

In the old one:

Business strategies mostly assume infinite resources and zero environmental impact.

But in the new model, ethical, environmental, and social impact is integral to how we live and do business. 

This transition is exciting.

Some of us are at the forefront – already shaping the future of business, design and society. Some of us are still figuring out how to go about it, how it impacts us and how we can survive the transition.

Some of us are sceptical of it all.

And some of us are oblivious to what’s going on. 

It’s thrilling to be starting Makao Group during this global shift.

We’re constantly exploring how sustainability fits into the bigger picture and the finer details. And also helping our clients understand the role of the built environment in promoting wellbeing, comfort, and health. 

We look forward to working, collaborating or partnering with you in the not so distant future – regardless of which stage you’re in. 


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