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Waste Management Plan

Transform your project's waste strategy with Makao's expert Waste Management Plan services. We streamline development applications, optimise resource recovery, and ensure regulatory compliance. From Melbourne to Brisbane, we turn waste challenges into sustainable solutions.

Streamline Your Waste Management with Expertise

Waste Management Plan

Choose Makao, and you're partnering with Australia's leading waste management experts. Our team's unparalleled knowledge of regulations across Victoria, NSW, and Queensland ensures your project is in safe hands. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we create bespoke plans for both operational and construction/demolition waste, meticulously tailored to your project's unique needs.

Domain expertise

Our proven track record spans diverse projects, from towering high-rises in Melbourne's to town homes and mixed-use complexes in NSW. We bring this wealth of experience to every plan we create. Our holistic approach integrates waste management with your broader sustainability and operational strategies, maximising impact and efficiency.

Tell us about your project — a bit of context allows us to connect you to the right team faster:

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Accelerate development approval

Our Waste Management Plans (WMPs) significantly speed up the approval process. Clients consistently report faster development application approvals and an exceptionally high first-time acceptance rate by local councils. We've honed our approach to meet and exceed regulatory requirements, ensuring your project moves forward without costly delays.

Maximise resource recovery

We optimise your waste streams for better environmental and financial outcomes. Our tailored strategies dramatically increase recyclable material recovery while substantially reducing overall waste management costs. By implementing our innovative approaches, you'll not only minimise your environmental footprint but also realise significant operational savings.

Achieve sustainability goals

Contributing to your broader environmental targets is at the heart of what we do. Our strategies consistently lead to substantial reductions in waste sent to landfill. This not only aligns with corporate sustainability objectives but also enhances NABERS and Green Star ratings through effective waste strategies, boosting your property's market appeal.

Regulatory compliance guaranteed

Navigate complex waste regulations with ease. Our track record speaks for itself – we maintain an impeccable compliance rate with local council requirements across Australia. Moreover, our forward-thinking approach ensures your WMP is future-proofed, anticipating and adapting to regulatory changes before they impact your operations.

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