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Simplify your BASIX certification process with Makao's expert services. Our team specialises in helping residential developments in NSW achieve BASIX compliance, providing cost-effective strategies to improve sustainability performance. From assessments to certificates, we deliver reliable solutions to ensure your development meets the required targets and enhances its marketability.

Achieve BASIX Compliance with Ease


When you partner with Makao, you're working with reliable team that works alongside you. Our team's deep understanding of the Building Sustainability Index, coupled with our extensive experience across diverse residential projects, ensures your assessment is in the most capable hands.

Custom solutions

We don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Each BASIX assessment we undertake is meticulously tailored to your specific project, considering unique site conditions, design aspirations, and budget constraints. Whether you're developing a single dwelling in suburban Sydney or a multi-unit complex in regional NSW, we craft solutions that optimise sustainability without compromising on design or affordability.

Systems thinking

Our holistic approach sets us apart. We don't view BASIX as an isolated requirement but as an integral part of your project's overall sustainability and quality strategy. By seamlessly integrating BASIX considerations into the design process, we help you create homes that are not just compliant, but truly sustainable and desirable.

Simple, clear communication

Clear communication is at the heart of our service. We translate complex BASIX requirements into clear, actionable strategies that resonate with all stakeholders, from architects and engineers to project managers and contractors. Our reports and recommendations are designed to facilitate smooth implementation and foster a shared understanding of sustainability goals across your entire team.

Partners, not consultants

Choose Makao for your BASIX assessment, and you're not just ticking a box – you're embracing an opportunity to elevate your project's environmental performance, reduce long-term costs, and create homes that stand out in the market. Let's work together to turn BASIX compliance into a competitive advantage, setting new standards for sustainable residential development in NSW.

Tell us about your project — a bit of context allows us to connect you to the right team faster:

Choose Makao

Expertise that evolves with regulations

The world of BASIX is ever-changing, but with Makao, you're always ahead of the curve. Our team lives and breathes the latest BASIX regulations and industry best practices. This means you receive cutting-edge advice that turns regulatory challenges into opportunities for excellence.

Streamlined compliance, exceptional results

We've refined the BASIX certification process to an art form. Our comprehensive assessments cover every aspect of your development's sustainability profile – from energy and water efficiency to thermal comfort. But we don't stop at ticking boxes. We work closely with you to uncover innovative, cost-effective strategies that elevate your BASIX score, ensuring your project not only complies but stands out in the market.

Beyond compliance: Creating homes people love

We understand that a truly successful development goes beyond mere compliance. That's why our strategies focus on enhancing the lived experience of your future residents. Imagine homes that stay naturally cool in summer and warm in winter, with energy and water bills that don't break the bank. That's the Makao difference.

Your Success is Our Mission

When you choose Makao for your BASIX services, you're not just getting a consultant – you're gaining a dedicated partner. We're with you every step of the way, from initial assessment to final certification and beyond. Our support doesn't end with the BASIX certificate; we're here to ensure your entire development process runs smoothly.

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